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ShopBot PRSalpha 96x60 CNC Router For Sale - $18,500

Located in Napa, California

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With enough production capability for a three-shift factory, ShopBot PRSalpha tools are ShopBot's toughest, most sophisticated, gantry-based CNC routers.

Using advanced technology for CNC cutting, drilling, carving and machining, the PRSalpha series tools deliver rapid transit speeds of 1800 inches per minute and cutting speeds of up to 600 inches per minute – 40% faster than similar machines.

Easy to configure and re-configure, learn and use, the PRSalpha CNC delivers affordable, full-production performance in digital fabrication of wood, plastic, aluminum, and other materials.


  • 105” x 61” x 8”’ cutting area
  • 72” x 79”x 67” footprint
  •  2.2HP HSD Spindle with Yaskawa variable frequency drive ($2,910 upgrade)
  •  Fast, closed-loop alphaStep motors fitted with low-backlash, tapered-hob gear heads on all three axes (two on the X axis) -- alphaStep system monitors motor shaft positions to maintain synchronicity between signal and motion.
  • Tough precision linear bearings on the moving gantry and hardened steel rails for the X-axis.
  • Reliable rack-and-pinion power transmission on each axis.
  • Impressive cutting speeds of up to 600 inches per minute (depending on cutting bit and material) and rapid transit speeds of 1,800 inches per minute.
  • Step resolution of .0004”.
  • Sealed Industrial UL Certified Control Box.
  • Emergency stop disconnect switch and spindle interlock remote pendant.
  • Z-zero Touch-Off Plate and XY Proximity Switches.
  • ShopBot Control System software to run your CNC.
  • Linear Cutting Force Approximately 150 lbs.
  • Input Voltage: 220v single-phase (also requires 120V single-phase)
  • Black Box Vacuum Hold-Down – Simply position a sheet and turn on the vacuum.

Accessories and extras:

  • Diamond Drag Bit for engraving plastics, brass, aluminum, steel, glass, and granite, etc. ($179 value)
  • ShopBot Digitizing 3D Probe for reproducing complex 3D shapes. Excellent for restoration work. ($395 value)
  • Kent Dust Shoe for much improved dust collection ($159 value)
  • Several router bits for surfacing, carving cutting, pocketing, etc.
  • Vacuum Hold Down system with 5 separate zones for versatility
  • Thermwood eCabinet Systems software for cabinet design and cutting with special ShopBot Link dongle (Dongle was $1,200)
  • Vectric Aspire V9.5 ($1995 value) for complex 2D and 3D layouts, carving toolpaths and more. (Can be updated to newest version, 11.55, for $400, but I never needed to the additions from my version. (Vectric may require a $50 license transfer fee)


This machine was originally used for signs and carvings:



Then for a complete restoration of the historic three-story stone Francis House in Napa Valley:


During restoration:





 And some furniture and miscellaneous:


The ShopBot has low hours and has been meticulously maintained.

It comes with a 3D Probe, which I used to duplicate these corbels from an 18th century wainscoting, imported from Belgium, to restore to original.


A big advantage is that it comes with the Thermwood eCabinets dongle, that allow you to use their eCabinet software to layout rooms, design and configure cabinets and furniture, then send it directly to the ShopBot for cutting. Without this, other options, Like Cabinet Vision ($10,000 + Yearly Maintenance) or KCD (up to $295/mo), come with steep learning curves and intricate integration.

Thermwood partnered with ShopBot to allow the use of their excellent software with direct output to the machine. The software is free and is used on Thermwood’s very expensive CNC routers.

eCabinets allows you to design complete rooms, with all cabinets, etc., and send them to the machine to cut:



This is a huge advantage and saves several thousand dollars for cabinetmakers!